About Droid Innovations

Our Vision

To develop an organisation, which spurs entrepreneurship, and acts as a breeding ground to develop and create world-class resources, products and services, Through Innovation, invention and upgradation of science, Technologies and Human understanding.

Our Mission

To Consciously innovate to create products and services that are safe, useful and harmonious with nature and society.


To build healthy and skilled resources for the country and world.

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To Create a more harmonious world with eco sensitivity and eco friendly products to protect the environment and digest the waste.

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The innovations and solutions in green waste management using the Bio culture BioCompesteron an derivative of Biodegradon.

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The innovations and solutions to deliver Probiotic cleaning Hygine systems [PCHS] using the bio culture BioCleanon an derivative of Biodegradon.

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The innovations and solutions to increase the personal Hygiene using the PCHS and using the probiotic Bio Culture the BioProtecteron.

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The innovations and solutions to increase the Farm yields through the supply of the probiotics to improve the fertility of the soil and improve the metabolic health of the crop and orchards.

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The innovations to extract enzymes and process the farm produce to increase the shelf life of the farm produce and simultaneously creating products in the space for nutraceuticals.

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To use the inhouse innovative technologies and innovations to minimise the climate variations and grow safe and healthy and amplified organic products.

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Solutions with 360 degree technological solutions in the entire domain of EVs including.

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A division to provide investments, Capital, Loans etc purely using the Partner networks. We have innovative solutions in this domain too.

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To build a vibrant co-working culture in Navi Mumbai with a small set up primarily for the low cost co working space with skeleton but adequate facilities mean for lean entrepreneurs and Professionals.

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Aimed to Facilitate startups / MSME’s to collaborate, network and grow using the various out of box solutions and Mentoring and training programs for them, here too there is an ample associate partner companies who deliver on the services and solutions.

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Corporate Team

Our team consists of successful entrepreneurs, Financial experts, Strategists and Investment experts.

Aparna Ramchandra

Harish Aiyer

K G Vishwanath

Dinesh Israni

Bhalchandra Karve

Debashish Chatterjee

Nimish Joshi


DROID HAS MORE THAN 12 DIVISIONS OR BUSINESSES WHICH ARE BEING PROMOTED: if you are interested to connect with us as franchisee / business partner for any of these businesses you should contact us.
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Simplified approach and pushing the boundary, creating global products and services.

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